Appraisal for Alexandra Nechita Original Sepia DrawingsNote: This appraisal was based upon statistics gathered from auction prices and catalogs from across the U.S. The pieces are quoted at an unframed priced.







Additional comments from the appraiser:

I’ve reviewed several pieces and based on my research found, I would estimate the replacement value for each of these to be around $25,950. We also handled a view from 2003 and 2006 and the price varied between $25,500 and $27,500 framed. Please note, this was handling the work in a gallery atmosphere. Since these were purchased on a cruise ship, (so I believe I’m reading correctly) they values may have been priced slightly different. Attached is the appraisal and my value assessment.

Kind Regards,
Brinley Miller

Assistant Director

Fascination St. Fine Art
315 Detroit St., Denver, CO 80206
P: 303-333-1566 / 866-293-1566 F: 303-333-0492

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