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Two original Alexandra Nechita sepia drawings priced $9,000 below their recently appraised value, leaving room for the next investor. Buy them both for $44,000 or individually for $22,450 each.

These are authentic Alexandra Nechita original sepia drawings titled, “More Than You Know” and the other is an untitled work. The drawings both measure 11″ x 8.5″, and, the framed size is approx. 27″ x 25″.

Complete with Certificate of Authenticity and current appraisal on both framed, original drawings from early January 2014.

Perfect condition and professionally custom framed.

Great opportunity to procure beautifully matching pieces without paying a premium. No better Nechita deals on the open market!

Time is of the essence and reflective of the pricing. We are choosing “solar panels on the roof” rather the Nechita’s on the walls! We love Nechita’s work and hope you will enjoy them much as we do.

Please contact us for any further questions. These items will be packaged to ship domestically or internationally. Shipping costs will be covered by the seller.

EscrowDotComLogoEscrow services can be arranged for using Escrow.com or other notable escrow services for artwork buyer/seller transactions. Escrow costs are approximately $200 per item, $360 for both. Seller will pay 50% of escrow fees.

Alexandra Nechita artworks have sold for very high prices at major auction houses and Galleries around the world. She is known to the world as an artistic, child prodigy and the works created by her during her teens and early twenties are extremely rare, valuable and infrequently offered for sale. These impressive, original drawings were created by Alexandra when she was only 15 and 20 years old. In the spring of 1995, art collectors began talking of an unusual, new, child artist who paints in the abstract cubist style of Pablo Picasso and in the vibrant colors of Henri Matisse. Combining humor, unusual depth of vision, and a childlike charm, this “Mozart with a paintbrush” seems to speak a universal language, stirring the curiosity and amazement from all – even those who would otherwise never step into an art gallery.

Here’s a newspaper article about Alexandra from 2003 when she was 18 years old.

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